The following is a list of publications referred to on this website. This Bibliography will grow as the works referred to increases.

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Primary Sources


Home Office Papers, Public Record Office, Kew, London
(References from this source are prefixed with 'HO' and then the appropriate division - contact me if you require the precise folio reference)

Contemporary Sources

Howell, T, State Trials, vol xxxi (Hansard, London, 1823) available online
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Chester Chronicle
Chester Courant
Cobbett's Political Register
Derby Mercury
Lancaster Gazette
Leeds Intelligencer
Leeds Mercury
Leicester Chronicle
Leicester Journal
Manchester Mercury
Morning Chronicle
Nottingham Journal
Nottingham Review
The Times

Parliamentary Reports

First report from Select Committee on Artizans and Machinery, 1824 (51) 1 available online (subscription or academic login required)
Report from the Committee on the Framework-Knitters Petitions, 1812 (247) 2 available online (subscription or academic login required)
Second Report from the Committee on the Framework-Knitters Petitions, 1812 (349) 2 available online (subscription or academic login required)

Secondary Sources

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