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21st July 1815: The Duke of Montrose accepts Francis Raynes' resignation

Buchanan, near Dumbarton, 21st July, 1815.


I received your letter of the 11th July, and really did not feel myself hurt at your expression, and only thought hat you were going to injure yourself from talking about publishing, which, if you did, might prevent, I feared, those rewards which I expected, and do expect, as the acknowledgement of your good services. What I have communicate to you, was from friendly motives to you, through the whole of the business; and, from an apprehension that not being capable of understanding the difficulty a minister had, in finding an opportunity of serving you, and that you conceived Lord Sidmouth was not sincere in his desire of serving you. With regard to your resignation, I must now accept it, and consider the regiment loses much in withdrawing your zeal and experience from  it; and I beg to return you my thanks for your services, in the name of the Prince Regent, on behalf of His Majesty.

With great esteem, I remain, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,


[To] Capt. Raynes.

This is from Raynes (1817, pp.164-165).

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