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28th February 1816: The Home Office replies to John Allison about the recent Luddite attack

28th Feby 1816

Jos: Allison Esqr

I am directed by Lord Sidmouth to acknowledge the Rect of your letter of the 26 last stating by [direction] of Sir Jos: Radcliffe the particulars of an Act of outrage which has lately been committed near Huddersfield – similar to what happened several years ago in that neighbourhood—His Lordship is much concerned to find Symptoms of the same mischievous Spirit which prevailed [previously] should having again manifested itself and there does not seem to be [given] your Letter [sufficient] reason for supposing that a new System of disturbance

His Lordship is inclined to hope though that this Statement does not warrant the Conclusion that a new System of disturbance & outrage again exists — at the Same time He is much concerned to find that any Symptom and His [Lordship] thinks it of the utmost Consequence that it should be understood not only that the public attention is drawn to this Individual act of outrage — but that the Persons whose property is likely to Suffer in the Event of a renewal of the Framebreaking System – are determined to defend their property agt any Attack that may be made upon it – and to render material Assistance to each other for this important object of it should be necessary—

—Lord S. relies with the greatest Confidence in the Active [Exertions] of Sir Jos: Radcliffe in the Services of a local Magistrate [should] again become requisite - and He has no doubt that both Mr. Cartwright of Rawfolds & yourself will be zealously employed at all times in rendering Him Support

This letter can be found at HO 42/148.

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