Monday, 16 January 2017

16th January 1817: James Large & Joseph Allen sentenced to 14 years transportation for frame-breaking at Leicester

On Thursday 16th January 1817, Joseph Allen & James Large were convicted of frame-breaking at Leicester Quarter Sessions and sentenced to 14 years transportation.

Their case had come to court after Allen had voluntarily confessed the previous December.  The frame-breaking incident took place on 17th June 1815. It is not clear when James Large had become involved, since the previous press article mentions only a man named John Ross as an accomplice at that stage, and he was not charged due to lack of evidence.

This case is not mentioned in any reference works about the Luddites, as far as I can ascertain. I can only find two newspaper reports about the case (Leicester Chronicle of 17th January 1817, and the Leicester Journal of 31st January 1817), and these only mention the names and sentence.

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