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25th September 1817: Henry Enfield informs Lord Sidmouth of the arrangements for the informers Blackburn & Burton

Nottingham Sept. 25th 1817.

My Lord,

In consequence of Mr. Lockett’s communication to me of your Lordship’s arrangements relative to Burton and Blackburn and their families (whose several names and ages Mr. Lockett will have stated to you) I have sent for them from their hiding-places; and finding them all in good health and desirous of immediately proceeding to their destination, I shall send them to London by one of the Coaches in the course of to-day or to-morrow under the escort of the Police Officer Benjamin Barnes―

Barnes will attend at your Lordship’s Office to give Information of their arrival, and I will direct him to enquire for Mr. Noble, within whose Department, as I understand from Mr. Lockett, this business falls.―

I have the honor to be
My Lord,
Your Lordship’s hble Servt

H Enfield

I take this opportunity of informing you that the Frameworkknitters are said to dropping in again to work―This is the case I believe with some – but he bulk still remain out – however there is no violence―


[To: Lord Sidmouth]

This letter can e found at HO 42/170.

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