Wednesday, 11 October 2017

11th October 1817: The Nottinghamshire Framework-knitters strike is reported to end in failure

On Saturday 11th October 1817, the Leicester Chronicle republished a story from a recent Nottingham Review, that the Framework-knitters strike had ended in relative failure:
Last week a great number of framework-knitters in the country, who had struck for an advance of wages, returned to their employment without gaining the object for which they had turned out. This obliged the hands in the town to follow their example, and on Monday, they went again to their frames, as we are given to understand, without obtaining either an advance or regulation as it regards the hose, but there is some trifling increase in the price given for the making of caps and drawers. Notwithstanding this is the case, we believe a hope is entertained, that though an advance was refused on a turn out of the workmen, something will speedily be conceded to private and respectful application.―Nottingham Review.

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