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9th February 1818: Jeffrey Lockett tells the Home Office Francis Ward is 'Ned Lud'

Derby Feby 9th: 1818

Dear Sir

I understand from Birkin, that S. Haynes has made a long Affidavit, in which he has brought Oliver & Brandreth together at the three Salmons, in Nottm., on the 26^ of May; & swore very recently, as to the representations made by Oliver to induce the meeting to attempt an insurrection;—and that the affidt with many others to the same effect, is sent to Lord Folkestone, or Mr Bennett. Every attempt has been made to induce Birkin, to make an affidavit to the same effect;—but he positively asserts, that Brandreth was not at the meeting to his knowledge, and has refused to lead himself to the party. You will remember, that Brandreth never pretended to have seen Oliver, except in the false assertion which he made that it was Oliver who took him to Pentridge on the 4th of June, when it is notorious that he was in Yorkshire—and that after Mr Pickering shewed him, that he was aware of the falsity of the assertion, he never claimed the least knowledge of Oliver;—& that Turner & Ludlam positively disclaimed every having seen him.—As to Haynes, I have thought it right to send you the original letter, in which you are already in possession of a copy. It is unnecessary for me to request you to make a cautious use of it. Be good enough to return it to me;—as I have thought it right to apprize Lord George Cavendish, & Mr Abercrombie of the attempt which this villain is making, to mislead the House, & the public, I have offered to shew them the letter. It is a very satisfactory key to his affidavit. You perhaps may not be aware, that Haynes was one of the witnesses who was called by [illegible] John Slater on his first trial, & swore positively to a conversation with him in Nottm., at eleven o’clock in the night of the outrage at Loughbro’;—and that Slater on his second trial, pleaded Guilty—As to F. Ward, I need not tell you, that he may be called emphatically, Ned Lud—having been the promoter of every Luddite Outrage—You have probably received from Enfield or Allsopp to confession of Mitchell & depositions of the Luddite convicts, which shew that “this friend of social order” as I think he is called in the auxiliary petition, was the proprietor of the intended assassination of Mr Justice Graham, both at Nottm., & Leicester.

Do no consider me officious in reminding you of these matters.—You can have no idea of the revived activity of the party, since Hone’s trials, and the meeting of parliament.—The character of Ward & Haynes [should] be made public.

Have you any of the publications of the trials of Brandreth &c to spare? If you have, I can make a very good use of them by distributing them, more largely than I have been able with those which you have sent me, amongst the witnesses.—How the verdicts & confessions made by the prisoners on their trials stick in the gizzards of the opposition!

I am Dear Sir Yours truly

Wm Jeffery Lockett

[To] H. Hobhouse Esq

This letter can be found at HO 42/174.

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