Wednesday, 4 March 2015

4th March 1815: John Lee reports that the former spy, Joseph Taylor, has been sent to prison

Early in 1815, the tables had been turned against the former spy, Joseph Taylor, and a magistrate from reported his conviction to the Home Office:

Rochdale 4th March 1815

My Lord,

The King agt. Taylor.

I beg to transmit my Bill of Costs herein and when approved of I will send my receipt for the same.

Enclosed your Lordship will also receive Mr Haslam the Constables Account of his Expences accompanied by a recommendation of his Character and Services by the Magistrates here — To all these Papers I have no doubt of being honoured with your Lordship’s Answer as soon as convenient.

The Prisoner made no defence and the court sentenced him to Six Months further Imprisonment. He appeared to have suffered considerably already but every one thought his conduct deserved punishment to the Extent of the Law

I am [etc]
Jno Lee

This letter can be found at HO 42/143.

I have been unable to find any mention of Taylor's trial in any contemporary newspapers, which could suggest the authorities wanted to keep any knowledge of the spy secret.

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