Friday, 6 March 2015

6th March 1815: Threatening letter sent to the Prince Regent about the Corn Bill

To Inform your Royal Highness that you are well beloved by the Nation as the Divel Loves Holywatter They wishes you all manner of Bad Luck Since you Sign the Corn Bill They wish that you May Never have The use of that hand to Sign any More Bills and wish you May Never Enjoy a Days Health as Long as you Live for you are an Enemy to the Poor and we all wish to be the Bellingham as Soon as Possible and wish Mr Bonaparte had you in this Claws and Castlereagh Likewise and that Damd Robertson and Several more I Can mention I wish you all a good Bellingham and that Verry Soon Sooner the Better its all Ready see you as Soon as tis Convenient I wish the first Bit of Bread May Choak you and to Inform your Royal Highness That it is the Nations wish that you may be Damd and we Shall be Hangd for we May as well be Hangd as to Starve for want of Bread for hear is No Trade for the Poor and when the Bread Rises what are we to do Then as we Can harly Live Now, I Should die Happy if I have But My Revenge [on?] you first from one of your Well Wishers, I Conclude

[Illegible] March 6th 1815

[To his Royal Highness the Prince Regent]

This letter can be found at HO 42/143.

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