Sunday, 17 April 2016

17th April 1816: Arson at Gedding leads to a £100 reward for information

The Bury & Norwich Post of 24th April 1816 carried the following report about a case of arson at Gedding in Suffolk, which occurred in the night of Wednesday 17th April 1816:
During the night of Wednesday last a fire was discovered on the premises of Mr. Samuel Hustler, of Gedding, which raged so furiously, that in a short time a barn, neat-house, and cart-lodge, together with 45 coombs of wheat, a quantity of straw some live stock, &c. were entirely consumed.—The premises were insured in the Suffolk Fire Office, and as there is strong suspicion they were wilfully set on fire, the Directors of the said Office have offered a reward of 100l. for the discovery of the offenders.—See advt.

Peacock (1965, p.72) conflated this incident with another at Rattlesden later in the month. However, the sources that he & I used are clear about the nature of the incident, and ar as quoted above.

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