Friday, 29 April 2016

29th April 1816: Arson at Hadleigh, Suffolk

The Bury & Norwich Post of 8th May 1816 carried a report about a case of arson in Hadleigh, Suffolk, that took place on Monday evening the 29th April 1816:
About ten o'clock on Monday se'nnight some sheds, in which eight bullocks were fattening, on the premises of Mr. Gray, of Hadleigh, were discovered to be in flames, and, from the repaid progress they assumed, soon became a heap of rubbish. Fortunately,the bullocks were preserved; and, by indefatigable exertion, a barn, to which the fire communicated, did not receive much injury; but an outhouse belonging to Mr. Ling, in which his working tools were deposited, with a number of fowls, were destroyed.

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