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23rd October 1816: Henry Enfield tells the Home Office that a target of the Luddite attack at Lambley has fled to London

Nottingham October 23d, 1816.


I am extremely sorry that my misconstruing your letter the 16th Instant should have occasioned you the trouble of writing a second letter. Enclosed you will receive, for the Information of Lord Sidmouth, the particulars of the Attack at Lambley on the Frames of Rogers & Shaw—the only further Circumstance with which I am acquainted relative to this Outrage I can only communicate most confidentially—it is, that I know Mr Shaw is peculiarly obnoxious to the Workmen, from having generally reduced wages & used Language to them of the most unconciliatory kind—This is stated to be Confidentially by one of our Secret Committee—& I therefore feel justified in imparting it in my present Letter—Shaw is under apprehensions so strong, that he is [going] to London to-morrow for the purpose of personal security—

I shall, in future, take the liberty of making communication to Lord Sidmouth immediately upon the happening of these dreadful outrages, should they recur—In these Circumstance they are generally very similar

I have [etc]

H Enfield

[To] The Rt Honble J H Addington

This letter can be found at HO 42/154.

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