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16th February 1816: Lancelot Rolleston asks the Duke of Newcastle to pay William Cook's legal costs

My Lord Duke,

I have the honour to acquaint your grace, that the confession made to me, by one John Blackburn, of the Town of Nottingham, Frameworkknitter, who was apprehended in the night of the 2nd of Jany last, in a daring attack upon the house of William Cook, gamekeeper to Lord Middleton, has led to the apprehension of most of those individuals, who have for so many years infested this County, under the name of Luddites. Among the various depredations brought to light by this circumstance, I have come to the knowledge of the persons, who so wantonly attempted the life of George Kerry, of the Parish of Radford, which it may be your Grace’s recollection, took place the Sunday night before Christmas day; the attack was made by four in number, two of whom are in custody, & I have every reason to hope the others shortly will be. I am sure you Grace will agree with me, as to the necessity of prosecuting these men; but Kerry is merely a working stockinger, without the means; under these circumstance, & more particularly as he is a tenant of your Grace’s, I have taken the liberty (and I request you believe it is with infinite respect to your Grace that I venture) to submit, whether it may be agreeable to your Grace, to afford Kerry, the assistance necessary for that purpose. I have satisfaction, at any time it suits your Grace’s convenience, in laying before you the extensive communications made to me, which with some confidence I express as my opinion, will be the means of entirely suppressing that system of outrage, which has hitherto defied the utmost vigilance of the Magistracy.

Waiting your Grace’s commands,

I have [etc]
Lanct Rolleston

Feby 16th, 1817

This is from the Duke of Newcastle archive reference Ne C 4966.

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