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2nd February 1817: Lancelot Rolleston sends information about other suspected Luddites to the Home Secretary

My Lord,

The two men mentioned in your Lordships letter of the 22nd, as having been concern’d with the framebreakers of Nottm, I have long here acquainted with; some time ago, an information was laid against Langley, whose name is Thomas, and not James, for breaking the frames of Brough, of Nottingham, which he was at that time working himself; but, as it was merely by an accomplice, I took no further steps, than by endeavouring to obtain some corroborative evidence; this I yesterday learnt I was likely to succeed in, from two young men, at that time his apprentices, who were in the house when he broke the frames, & have since said, they saw all and would inform against him; these persons I have sent for & should they answer my wishes, Langley shall immediately be apprehended. I am not aware Charles Severns has ever taken an active part with the Luddites, but he keeps what is called a Lobby house where he harbours persons of the worst characters, and sells liquors without a licence; several informations for this offence, have lately been laid against him, but the magistrates who acted, probably not aware of his character, mitigated the penalties to the utmost, otherwise he would not have had the power of offending he now possesses. John Blackburn is removed this day to Leicester; I am going to meet Mr. Mundy & your Lordship may depend upon hearing from one of us, when any thing material occurs.

I cannot express to your Lordship the gratification I feel at having obtained the approbation of his Majesty's Government, & I beg to assure your Lordship, no exertions on my part will I trust ever be found wanting, in discharging the duties of a magistrate for this County.

I have [etc]
Lanct. Rolleston

Feby 2nd, 1817

[To: Lord Sidmouth]

This letter can be found at HO 42/159.

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