Tuesday, 19 July 2016

19th July 1816: 7 labourers jailed for assault at Cambridge Quarter Sessions

On Friday 19th July 1816 at Cambridge Quarter Sessions, 7 labourers who had assembled with others at Swaffham Bulbeck in May to demand higher wages were tried. The Cambridge Chronicle of 26th July carried a brief report:
At the Quarter Sessions for this county, on Friday last, William Ullyar [actually Hullier], James Thompson, John Stickwood, Joseph Flack, John Fordham, and William Clements, were indicted for riotously assembling at Swaffham Bulbeck, in May last, and also for assaulting William Manning.—It appeared that about 50 labouring men, amongst whom were the prisoners, assembled together for the purpose of demanding an increase of wages, and that they endeavoured to persuade Manning to accompany them; on his refusal, they assaulted him, and treated him very ill. The evidence of the riotous conduct of the prisoners was not sufficient for conviction, but they were all found guilty of the assault, and the three former sentenced to be imprisoned six months, and the latter three months, in the county gaol.—

Peacock (1965, p.77) identifies 'Ullyar' as Hullier using the Sessions Order Books.

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