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24th July 1816: Francis Raynes thanks the Home Secretary for sending him £100

Newton near Newark upon Trent.
July 24th—1816

My Lord,

The favour conferred upon me by Your Lordship, in the pecuniary assistance afforded me, I find myself too much relieved by, to omit offering the acknowledgements I feel to be so greatly due from me to Your Lordship: that I did not return at the time I received the Hundred Pounds to express my thanks, I must beg Your Lordship to attribute to my fears of being troublesome, when I knew Your Lordship to be so deeply engaged in Public business.

Though relieved from the embarrassments which immediately pressed upon me, my situation is such, as to compel me, however reluctantly, to entreat the further continuance of Your Lordships consideration, and I trust I am not encroaching too much on Your Lordships goodness, in expressing the anxious hope I feel, that on the return of Sir Thomas Maitland, the means may be found of relieving me, from the principal state of suspense, I have so long endured.

Trusting your Lordship will pardon the liberty I have now taken, I have the Honour to subscribe myself, most respectfully

Your Lordships obedient Humble Servant

Francis Raynes


The Right Honorable.
Lord Viscount Sidmouth
&c = &c = &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/152. This letter does not appear in Raynes' 1817 book 'An Appeal to the Public'.

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