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4th July 1816: Henry Enfield sends the latest informer's report to the Home Office

Private & confidential

Nottingham 4 July 1816


I beg to enclose you for the Information of Lord Sidmouth a Copy of the Last Report of our Secret Agent—which I should have transmitted two days ago, but that I have been from home & engaged upon the Subject of its Contents. Badder & Slater you will recognize as old & most Serious Offenders—the communication against them is most important—& I have had a private (secret) Interview & Subsequent Confidential Correspondence with Mr. Lockett (who is conducting for Messrs Heathcote & Boden the Enquiries after the destroyers of their property at the Loughbro’ Factory, & upon whom I can implicitly rely) & imparted to him the particulars of the present Report—they are confirmed by Circumstances which were previously in his possession in Evidence—& the Result will be that these two fellows will be committed for Trial at the Leicestershire Assizes. I have just received an express from Mr Lockett – He says "we are going on very well—Badder & Slater are Sent to Leicester—the wounded man has not yet seen them—but I hope & think that he will identify them—there is however, even without him, Evidence Sufficient to justify their Committment for Trial."

I trust that I shall be excused availing myself of this Letter to beg the Attention of Lord Sidmouth to the Depot of Arms at Derby—I am well informed that it is very far from being in a Sufficient State of Security. Upon a former Commotion here there was a Cry of "Now to the Arms."—The Arms were however placed in Safety – – Should there be any rising of the people on at this time, & they Should know of the weakness of the Depot, they might take measures, the Consequences of which might be dreadful to the Country — I again request to be forgiven for this Intrusion—

I remain
Your most obed Serv.
H Enfield

This letter can be found at HO 42/152.

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