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2nd June 1815: Informer's report about Nottinghamshire Luddites

2d June 1815.

I was with Rand yesterday morning at the top of Sandy Lane, He then told he should like to seek revenge upon any one that should interrupt us, and he had done more for Nottingham than any Chap in Nottm.—He said they had all turned their backs on doing that Job at Broad Lane Paddock at Harvey’s and he went the first in.—He works with Gilbert at the top of Sandy Lane, and that he was backward at paying his Journeymen but he always paid him regularly because he was with him at the Job at Harvey’s.—I don't know Gilbert.—He told me if I wanted him for any thing particular I must enquire for John Simpson nearly the Old Spot Red Hill.—He said the man he had worked with at Arnold had had a Warrant against him about the Frame he worked in.—He said the man told him the Frame was stopped when he only wanted to put another hand in it,—and then he, Rand required a fortnight’s rent on notice, and the master paid him a fortnights rent but had a Warrant against him for threatening his master's life but it was made up without going before the Magistrates.—This was about 3 weeks ago.—For this he should like to be revenged – not to have his Frames broke but to have his Furniture all destroyed.—Yesterday in the afternoon I went to Cook’s house and talked with him about the Revolution.—He said he should like me to go, to see how they were going on in Yorkshire, and that Gravenor Henson had been but he did not know any body there and could not get to do anything.—Cook said he had paid [3 shillings] towards the expence of Henson's journey — Sherwood was present in the Shop when this discourse was had and said if I went he could get me Information where to find somebody as could tell me where to meet with the Committee.—Sherwood has been in Leicestershire and he says they are not right enough there, they want Nottm to turn out first and he would have me decline going till there was a fresh Committee chose in Nottingham as there was something in Agitation and when I went he would have me take a bit of Lace or something of that kind for a blind.—I went with Cooke to the Dog and Drake in Chandler's Lane, where he said there was a party met sometimes.—He said there was a Militia Serjeant there the night before who declared he would be pulled to the top of the House by a Rope round is next to join Sir Francis Burdett sooner that he would miss joining him if he were at their head and he knew many more would do the same Cook said chief of the Dissenters would join but there was one thing which kept them from opposing the Government & that was the hush money paid by the Government to the Preachers but many did not know of that.—He said he knew one man who was not fit to get into a Pulpit who received £4 not long since of this hush money.—He said Robinson of Cambridge gave it the name of hush money.—He talked a great deal about the Revolution and that if Lancashire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire would turn out they would stop all the trade of the nation.—A man who stands at the door of the Theatre and take’s cheques was present at part of this conversation and expressed himself very warmly in favor of the Revolution, but that it would not happen this 2 or 3 years.—I said I wished it to be between now and Nottingham Races Cooke said he thought it would not be so soon.—Cooke did not say any thing to me about any communications from any other place.—I [tried] Rand if he knew Greaves in Gaol for Burglary but he did not appear to know him.—

This report can be found at HO 42/144.

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