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5th June 1815: The Duke of Montrose replies to Francis Raynes

Grosvenor-Square, 5th June, 1815.


I have received your letter, and regret very much that some method has not been contrived to remunerate your acknowledged services; though I knew the difficulty, and I thought I knew the intention and desire of Lord Sidmouth to find the opportunity. I shall again mention the subject to Lord Sidmouth; but will not make myself responsible for its producing any effect. The letter you allude to, from Captain Campbell, originates in the intimation I have received, that the militia will be again called out, which makes it the duty of the officers having charge of the militia, to inform themselves what officers propose again to join the regiment, on its being ordered to assemble, and to endeavour to fill the places properly, if possible, of those whose convenience it does not suit to again join the regiment, which is my own case. Feeling that my health would not allow me to take the field, should the services of the militia be called for in Ireland or elsewhere, in that manner, I have , therefore, appointed Colonel Russel to succeed me in the command.

I remain, with esteem, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,

[To] Capt. Raynes.

The Duke of Montrose will be glad to see Captain Raynes, any morning about eleven o’clock, in Grosvenor Square.

This letter is from Raynes (1817, pp.157-159)

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