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3rd June 1815: George Coldham updates the Home Office about recent reports from informers

Dear Sir

Since writing to you on the 24th May, I have received three Reports from my Informant, the first dated the 31st May in which there is no material matter, unless that, by that Report it appears that the Confederates are very anxious about Samuel Towle’s liberation.—They said they should not have troubled themselves about him, but Samuel Towle, had been entrusted.—That Report also contained an account of three Frames having been broken at Hucknal, upon which the Secret Committee directed me to make enquiries about it and his Report of second of June stated all the circumstances connected with the breaking of the Frames.—It appeared that they were broken in consequence of a private quarrell, but not materially injured and that in consequence of the general situation and Character of the Inhabitants of that Village there would be great difficulty in getting the persons injured by the Framebreakers to bring any charge against them.—

I inclose you the third Report because I am anxious that you should be fully acquainted with whatever hath reference to any circumstance in the least degree connected with the remotest prospect of public Connection or any arrangement or connection for the purpose.—I took the liberty of hinting to you the propriety of your endeavouring, in such as you may deem most adviseable to enquire whether there is any Correspondence between these persons and any persons with similar views in Yorkshire.—These Reports however bear evident marks that the hopes of these Gentlemen to be enabled to treat us with the happy event of a Revolution, are very much lowered and seem to imply that they have in reality no Yorkshire Connections but such as are founded upon their own Representations for the purpose of keeping up the hopes of the Gang here, and their sanguine anticipations, for it appears that Gravenor Henson could find no Committee in Yorkshire and could accomplish nothing by his mission there.—The Secret Committee here however are so anxious to probe this matter to the bottom that they would send their Informant into Yorkshire, if any of the Confederates here would volunteer to go with him, and if he could be so far apparently supported here as to take from the Suspicion of being forward so as to endanger his Credit or raise suspicions against him that he must be supplied with money from other quarters.—I learnt from a man in the Gaol that they had written Peter Green that they had an intention to take some of the arms from the Soldiers on Saturday and altho’ I could not believe the reality of such a scheme being in Agitation I felt myself compelled to give Notice of it to the Commanding Officer of the Cambridgeshire Militia who promised to take some precautions in as private manner as he could.—

I have received a letter from Colonel Gould thanking me for my Communication on the part of the Magistrates respecting Saml Towle and promising that he would take care he should not be set at liberty to return to Nottingham.—

I am [etc]
Geo Coldham

3d June 1815

[To: Home Office]

This letter can be found at HO 42/144.

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