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21st June 1815: George Coldham abandons plans to raid Gravenor Henson's home


Dear Sir

I feel myself very much indebted to Lord Sidmouth and yourself the attention you have been so good to shew by your last letter, and after the result of your consultation, I believe we shall abandon all ideas of searching Henson's House as the Policy of the measure depends upon its success and its illegality is certain.—

Hitherto we have taken our precautions privately by outward watches set upon the house of the Adjutant of the Local Militia, and as there has been a double watch one Military and one civil, and the Guard at the Guard Room belonging to the Cambridge has been encreased, I think we could answer for their security under any common circumstances of attack. If under such circumstances you should deem it wiser to remain in this state of preparation taking still further cautionary measures when we approach nearer the threatened period until that time has elapsed pray be so good as to say so.—But it would certainly be more pleasant to know at once that the arms are secure and to be relieved from all unpleasant responsibility respecting them—

I am, Dear Sir
Your’s faithfully

Geo. Coldham


21st June 1815

[To: John Beckett]

This letter can be found at HO 42/144.

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