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1st July 1816: Informer's report on the 'Loughborough Job'

1st July 1816

I was here about one o’Clock last night but found you in bed—I was to have been at Loughboro’, but the Job was done sooner than it was intended and there was not any other in Bulwell who had been fixed upon to be there but me and they did not send because they thought they could do without me.—I was at the Goat on Thursday about noon and it was not then determined to do the Job at Loughboro’ on Friday night—Yesterday I was with Badder and Jack Slater at the Goat – there Badder told me that he was at the Job at Loughboro’ and was one of the first that went in.—He also told me that Jack and he talked on the road how they should have liked me to have been there—In the course of the conversation that took place with them I learnt from them that Slater broke 20 of the Machines himself with an Ax 7lb weight—That upwards of 70 were broke he thought—that it was a glorious Job—that there was another Job to do.—Frost’s near the House of Correction – he did not say when – to get my sword in readiness. they expected resistance there.—could not learn when it would happen but I think it will not be long first for they are in such high spirits at their success at Loughboro’—Badder said there were one or two good lads at Loughboro’—This was all secret talk—There was a good deal of open conversation in the company about it and in that conversation Badder said—"I'll be damned if I could not travel 40 miles of a night yet"—Don't know whether Peter Green was at Loughboro’—Badder said Peter had had money given to him—John Crowder was at the Goat—He collects money & I have seen him pay money for them for liquor at the Goat, Glasses round, Badder and Slater also paid for Glasses round—I don't know whether Mitchell or Towle were at Loughboro’—have not heard of the man in custody—Badder said the Arnold Chaps came forward but Hucknall did not—Don't know whether any went from Derby or Beeston, nor how many were there—Badder said they had ten short. He also said that yesterday he & Slater & Crowder were at the Rose, in Nottm and a Constable came and fetched 2 or 3 other constables, one named Wright as I understood, and that he Badder, suspecting they were come to take Slater, said to them "Damn you know you are come to the Straight=down=Coat (Slater) but if you do, it shall be such a taking as you never had in your life" and he told me he had then 2 Pistols in his pockets. We went to the Horse and Chaise and there had Brandy & Gin and Ale, and a woman came and asked Badder to go to Amos's house, which is facing the fields, where there was a set drinking, and Badder Slater Crowder and a little Black Chap whose name I don't know all went away about eleven o'Clock desiring me to call for what I liked and they would pay for it & leaving a full Tankard of Ale & Gin. I went & found the House – listened at the Window and learnt from what I heard that Amos's wife was timid. He told her to hold her foolish noise—There might be about 10 men there—thought I heard Slater & Badder—Don't know who lays the plans. They mentioned another place or two besides Frosts when we were at the Goat. Don't know how many arms they had nor where they are, nor whether any went from Basford.—

This document can be found at HO 42/152.

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