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16th April 1817: Charles Mundy informs the Home Secretary of the preparations for the executions the following day

Leicester April 16 1817

My Lord

I have the Honour to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordships letter of the fourteenth & to say that although I did myself the Honour of calling at your Lordships Office on Tuesday last I thought the day of the week might probably have caught your Lordships recollection. I shall have the Honour by tomorrows post to transmit to your Lordship the statement of Savage of the substance of which I made your Lordship acquainted on Saturday last. I perfectly coincide in your Lordships opinion that painful as it is a striking example must, for the public good, be made of the unfortunate men now under sentence of death here. but I thought it my duty to make your Lordship acquainted with every circumstance respecting them that came to my knowledge, which occasioned my letter respecting Amos.—I arrived here last night Nottingham & am informed by the High Sheriff that the execution will certainly take place tomorrow.—a vast crowd was assembled here on monday in expectation of the execution being about to take place. they even climbed on the Tops of the Houses near to the Gaol & on the walls of part of the prison itself, & calld to the condemned men. Two Troops of the 15th Lt. Dragns who are quartered here are to attend the execution and & transmit the unhappy men from the old Gaol to the new House of Correction where the drop is erected—& two Troops of the yeomanry Cavalry are to be in the environs of that part of the Town.—

Mr. Allsopp communicated to me at Nottingham the contents of a letter he had receivd from your Lordship. it seems to me to be advisable that in making selections for any future prosecutions attention should be paid to how far deeply the persons implicated may be supposed to be connected either in the Ludding or Political conspiracies.—I have communicated my ideas on the subject to Mr. Rolleston & also, on the former subject, to Mr. Enfield whom I know Mr. Rolleston will confer with.—

I had the pleasure of an interview yesterday at Nottingham with Mr. Hooley & Mr. Smith and am particularly glad to be in communication with two Gentlemen who seem to be so well dispos’d. I find Mr. Hooley purposes writing on your Lordship shortly I have the Honour to remain My Lord

your Lordships most Obedient very Humble Servant

C.G. Mundy

[To] The Right Honourable The Secretary of State
for the Home Department.

This letter can be found at HO 42/163.

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