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16th April 1817: The GPO Surveyor, Gratian Hart, forwards the letter from John Blackburn to William Burton, to his superior

Nottingham 16 April 1817

Dear Sir

Among the letters from Leicester this Afternoon, was one, directed Mr. William Burton, Lambley, near Nottingham; the man's name, & the Village, are both of notoriety, & accordingly I have copied the Contents: I have no one at this moment to communicate with, Mr. Alsop being absent, nor is there in this Case an immediate necessity.

Blackburn was admitted Evidence—one expression in his letter requires explanation, before he regains his liberty: "My Master is settled with me for the Frames"—now it strikes me, Mr. Blackburn has received his remuneration for his work of Iniquity, breaking the Frames from his Master, who is the person just now exactly wanted.—If it strikes you in the same point of view, you will of course acquaint the Secretary of State.—

I am [etc]
(signed) Gratian Hart

[To] F. Freeling Esq
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/163.

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