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8th April 1817: The Hosier, James Hooley, informs the Home Secretary that he will swear that Gravenor Henson is engaged in Treason

Nottingham 8th Apr: 1817

My Lord

By this days post I received a letter from Mr. Allsop informing me that it is your Lordships wish to have my affidavit that I believe G Henson to be engaged in treasonable practices against his Majesty.—As I conceive it to be the duty of every honest man to aid your Lordships views for the protection of the State I have no hesitation in complying with your Lordships request. But I do not possess sufficient knowledge to make a similar affidavit respecting the character of F Ward, M Adkin & J Lowater.—I am informed—and I believe correctly—that Henson is gone to London this morning by the mail—The ostensible reason given is that he is to endeavour to save the lives of the Ludd's now under condemnation at Leicester—but, in my opinion, more likely to meet some of the deputies on treasonable practices—I regret that I cannot give your Lordship that information, but if I can learn any thing satisfactory I shall hasten to communicating

I have [etc]
James Hooley


It may be proper to give your Lordship a short description of Henson's person—He appears to be about 35 years of age—about 5 feet 4 or 5 feet 5 inches high—well made—fresh complexion—dark hair—is a sensible fellow—and very fond of talking—Mr Enfield writes your Lordship by this post.

This letter can be found at HO 42/163.

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