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30th November 1812: General Maitland writes to Acland about his report of new Robberies

30th November 1812

Dear Acland

I have just received yours & am not much surprized at its contents, we

We must expect & naturally some of these things but what is most material to attend to is, the facts which you state, how far this is a New Gang on a principle of Plunder or how far it is the old Set beginning a new System.

I therefore request that you will do your utmost to set every engine at Work “to Wit” Allison & Lloyd to trace this to the utmost extent & forthwith

In regard to yourself I know you will do it [full] as well & better than any of them, but when we are enquiring into the thing it is extreme material too that we should be aware, what system this Deighton is under, & how far the orders of the Lieutenancy for their associating & Patroling has been carried into effect.

Write me upon this Subject as soon as may be, for whatever you & I may think upon the general State of the Country it is impossible to hold out for one moment that we can protect Individuals against Robbery, if these Individuals will not protect themselves.

Ever Your’s
T Maitland

I will write you tomorrow about the change of Cavalry from above

[To] Major Genl Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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