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8th October 1813: Lancelot Bellas writes again to the Home Office about the spy, Joseph Taylor

Marsden October 8th 1813.

My Lord.

I fully purposed meeting to give You nor myself any further Trouble upon Taylors Business. But having received a Letter dated Whitehall the 31st of August wherein You are pleased to say "that the Advances made to Taylor greatly exceed what he has stated in his Account—Probably they may. But to whom has that money been sent, not to Taylor, for he positively avers, and will make affidavit, that the Acct transmitted to Your Lordship is correct—I do not dispute Your Lordships veracity in what you say, neither will I pass any Comment upon Mr. Lloyds letter sent to me and another to Jos: Taylor, which I suppose are both in Your Lordship's Office: I only wish to be informed what money has been remitted on Taylor's Acct and to whom, as he is at present indisposed, and I am apprehensive in a distressed Situation—I have only to observe that I write this at the Request of a respectable Body of Men, who confide in Your Lordships Integrity, and hope you will have the Goodness (after having thoroughly investigated the Business) to recompense him according to his merit, as you in Your superior Judgment shall think meet, for we all think he has been very ungenerously treated—

My Lord, You see by the enclosed Certificate, that he has been a zealous, Active Officer, and has born the Burden and heat of the Day—He now lives in Jeopardy, and has risqued his Life for the Preservation of the Peace of his Country—I am with the highest Regard,

my lord, Your Lordships most
obedient Servant

Lancelot Bellas.

[To Lord Sidmouth]

[Copy of a supposed letter from Joseph Radcliffe, paying tribute to Taylor, which Bellas enclosed]:
I Joseph Radcliffe Esquire one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the West Riding of the County of York do Certify that Joseph Taylor of Failsworth in the County of Lancaster did in the month of October last apprehend and bring before me George Mellor, William Thorp, Thomas Smith and Benjamin Walker charged with the wilful murder of William Horsfall of Marsden in the said Riding Merchant     
Given under my Hand this 15th day
of June 1813.

J: Radcliffe

This letter can be found at HO 42/135.

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