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16th June 1814: George Coldham issues handbill backing Hosiers hit by strike action

Nottingham, 16th June, 1814.

IT having been unanimously determined at a large and respectable Meeting of Hosiers, held in London, on the 21st day of April last, convened to take into consideration the propriety of a proposal then made for advancing the price of manufacturing Plain Silk Hose, that such advance should be resisted by the Trade at large; and that in consequence of the recent renewal of the practice of breaking frames, a Society should be formed for the purpose of prosecuting Framebreakers and other purposes connected therewith: and such determination having been sanctioned by the approbation of a subsequent very numerous and highly respectable Meeting of the Hosiers and Lace Manufacturers resident in this Town, held in Nottingham, on the 18th day of May last for the same purposes; at which last Meeting a Committee, Secretary, and Solicitor, were appointed for the conduct and management of the general business of the Society then instituted. And it appearing to that Committee, that in consequence of the adherence of the House of G. and I. Ray to the general determination of the Trade not to give the advance price, that the Plain Silk Workmen of that House since the 26th day of April last,—and that subsequently part of the Plain Silk Hands of Beardmores and Parker, have combined together and ceased to work, with a view to compel those Houses to give the advance. The Committee appointed by the Meeting held in Nottingham on the 18th day of May last, being fully aware that the Houses of Messrs G. and I. Ray, the Beardmores and Parker, have suffered inconvenience—been rendered unpopular and much harassed by the combination, in consequence of acting in conformity with the unanimous opinion of the Meetings of the persons engaged in the Manufactory; have felt it their duty to declare that it is still the full purpose and resolution of the Trade in general, in conjunction with the aforesaid Houses, to resist the advance of price—to decline every appearance of a compromise or settlement thereof—and to pursue all legal means to break up a combination so fatal to the true interests of Hosiers and Framework-knitters.—

The Committee for themselves and the great body of the Plain Silk Hose Manufacturers feel bound to refuse employment to any Workman who shall appear to have struck for an advance of wages, and who are otherwise engaged in this illegal combination; and to give every assistance and support to the Houses of G. and I. Ray, and Beardmores and Parker, by every accommodation in their power with respect to the conduct of their Trade, so long as they shall be the object of attack by the present combination.

By Order of the Committee,

GEO. COLDHAM, Secretary.

This letter can be found at HO 42/139.

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