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5th September 1816: The Mayor of Derby requests troops to be sent to the Town

Police Office
Derby 5th September 1816

My Lord!

Being somewhat apprehensive that a larger force of military will be necessary to preserve the peace & tranquillity of the Town of Derby—I state the liberty of suggesting for the consideration of your Lordship the propriety of having a troop of Cavalry stationed there—The present military force consists, but of between 40 & 50 men of the 73d regiment of Infantry—

My fears arise in the vicinity of this place to the adjoining Counties of Nottingham, and Leicestershire; where it is well known to your Lordship, that great outrages have been committed, and that considerable disaffection to the Government prevails; & more particularly from circumstances within my own knowledge, which induce a belief—that many of the Frameworkknitters in this place are intimately connected, & have frequent communication with, the riotous persons, in the County above alluded to: and that it is intended to hold their secret meetings, and to arrange their nefarious plans in this Town, under the idea, it is presumed of it’s being comparatively unprotected.

Requesting the favor of some communication from your Lordship on this subject

I have the honour to be
My Lord!
Your Lordships obedt Servt
Rich Draper

The Rt. Honble
The Secy of State
(Home Depart.)

This letter can be found at HO 42/153.

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