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23rd January 1817: Informer's report on Nottinghamshire Luddites

23d January 1817.—

On Sunday last 2 men whose names I dont came to my House and asked me if I had heard Nottingham that morning—This was just before dinner—I went out with them at their request and they told me that Jack Blackner (Blackburn) was telling all he knew and that 7 were taken that morning and conveyed off to Leicester in Chaises and he also, with the Constables—They desired me to let all know of this who had been with him on any Job or that he could tell of and they desired me to go to Hucknall—They told me the Committee had sent to Arnold—I met Barker of Bulwell on Monday and he told me they had made a damned smash at Nottingham and had taken 7 and Slater, that Burton of Basford and Badder were amongst them—He said Blackburn had been telling and had caused their apprehension but he thought he did not know him for he only saw him in the night and that he had only been with those Chaps at two Jobs viz at Loughbro’ and New Radford and that Blackburn was not at New Radford but that his brother Christopher was.—He stands his ground but is on the alert ready for a start in case he should see any one appear he may not like the sight of—I went to Hucknal on Sunday and told Benjamin Butler what I heard that he did not give me any information of any one who was concerned either in the Loughbro’ or any other affair—He undertook to let them Chaps know—I was with Badder last night and the night before at Parr’s and Scattergoods—He told me they had taken Rodney (viz Wm Towle) who was one concerned in the Felony at Chapman’s Tent on the Forest ([query] should not Towle be brought to Nottingham for this offence) Badder told me it was Blackburn (he called him Blackner) who had been telling that had caused the apprehension of them—He lamented very much the affair and said they were going to try to get the three Counties of Leicester, Derby and Nottm to join and rescue them from Prison and also Blackburn and put him to death and he said there was a man not at all connected with them who would give £200 to have him dispatched for his Treachery—I have heard many people exclaim very much against Blackner’s Treachery and declare he ought to die for it—Badder also told me they had got Watson of Basford away who was going to tell before about the Loughbro’ Job but he was dissuaded from it by Jesse Towle—Watson was there, as Badder, Barker and Lomas have told me—Barker told me there were 5 from Lambley but he did not tell me their names—Badder laments much about Slater and Mitchell being in custody and that he should like to die to rescue them.

This document can be found at HO 42/158.

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