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29th August 1817: Charles Mundy updates the Home Office about the informers, Blackburn & Burton

Burton August 29th: 1817

Dear Sir

I have written to Mr. Lockett to ask if there is anything further material in Olivers statement that it is necessary for him to apply to me about & as soon as I receive his answer I will send the papers to you.―John Blackburn & Burton are not at all in the way of any one. Blackburn is with his father in Nottinghamshire Burton with his wives father near Nottingham. as they dare not go out to enquire for work or shew themselves. I have found it necessary to supply them with a weekly allowance for the support of themselves & families.―Blackburn comes late at night to me once a week for his subsistance & I have employd Barnes one of the Nottingham Police Officers to pay Burton his.―

The Wife of Samuel Caldwell otherwise Big. Sam who prevented by fits from taking his trial with Savage & the other Luddites at Leicester last spring & who was sentenced at the late assizes to be transported for Life has been to me to ask if it is possible for her to accompany her Husband to the place of his destination

the poor woman, who has a very good character, is an Irish woman without a friend in this country if such an indulgence is ever granted I really think this is a case for it. Caldwell never was considered a man of bad character till his connection with our friend John Blackburn & then has not appeared as a Leader or Contriver of the business.―they have one daughter about ten years old & I find the man has been a good Husband & father.―

I remain dear Sir
Ever yours faithfully

C.G. Mundy

[To] H. Hobhouse Esq

This letter can be found at HO 42/169.

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