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22nd September 1817: Jeffery Lockett sends a description of the informers Blackburn & Burton to government

Derby September 22d 1817

Dear Sir

William Burton is 21 years of age, and his wife, Leah, also twenty one. They have but one child,―a daughter named Charlotte, only five months old:

John Blackburn is twenty three years of age,―and his wife, Ann Blackburn, only twenty. Their only child is a daughter named Mary, and one year & two months old.―

Both parents and Children are in very good health―and able to perform the journey.

Burton is in the neighbourhood of Nottm.―About a week ago, an attempt was made to assassinate him. He was walking out with his wife and child,―and was met by three men, who looked at him very attentively,―and afterwards shot at him, but he escaped.―When he got home he found two other men at his door,―and hearing one of them say “that is him”―he retreated―& went by another way into the town.

Blackburn is at his fathers at Kettering in Northamptonshire. A messanger is sent for him and he will be in Nottm. tomorrow or on Wednesday.

Mr. Enfield will do what is necessary to prepare them for their journey―and you will have the goodness to write to him on the [illegible]. It is hoped that they may sail on the first of October.

I am very sorry to inform you that a fever has attacked several prisoners in our County Gaol. The [prison] has been overcrowded of late:―The magistrates are making every possible exertion to stops its progress.―It is to be lamented that the order for the removal of the reprieved convicts at our last assizes has not been yet received here. I saw Mr. Justice Holroyd sign the [certificate] on Friday―and Mr. Hilditch assured me that it [should] be sent immediately to the Treasury & the order be applied for.

I am apprehensive that this [illegible] is not within your department, but under the pressing circumstances which I have mentioned I am sure you will excuse me for troubling you with it.

I am Dear Sir
Your most obed Servt

Wm Jeffery Lockett

[To: ‘Noble Esqr’]

This letter can be found at HO 42/170.

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