Wednesday, 22 November 2017

22nd November 1817: The Leicester Chronicle withdraws their previous remarks about James Towle & the Spy Oliver

On Saturday 22nd November 1817, the Leicester Chronicle issued a correction to a column of the previous week:
A respectable Lady of this town called upon us yesterday to assure us that the person who visited James Towle, while under sentence of death in the County gaol, was not the celebrated Mr. Oliver, but a relation of her’s, of the same of Townend, who resides at Holt Town, near Manchester. We can only say, that the circumstance was communicated to us by several respectable persons, with a tone of confidence, and that we believed it at the time. The immaculate Editor of the Journal, who of course never gives insertion to any thing not true, asks―”When the truth could have clearly ascertained, by an application to the county gaol why we should have deemed it necessary to publish a FALSEHOOD, if it had not been to answer a base and nefarious purpose?!!!” We answer―because we conceive such an application from us, would have been unavailing!

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