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11th October 1812: The Deputy Constable of Manchester, Joseph Nadin, writes to Acland about matters in Manchester


I am obliged by yours of the 10th instant of inform you that Randle Judson was one of the 37 I apprehended at the prince Regents Arms he is a handsome looking man 22 years of age 5-11 high slender made, fresh looking, lightish Hair, lives at Audenshaw 5 miles from Manchester, is by Trade a warper and works of Messrs Bentley & Wilkinson — I shall always be happy to give you every Information in my power. I am happy to inform you that I am upon the look out after a Gang of Rascals and the apprehension will not take place of a Fortnight of which I will inform you, they are not Luddites, I think General Ludd has left this neighbourhood we are very quiet only I often get a delightful Letter threatening to blow out my Brains – you will recollect that I always told you that the Sir Sidney Smith in port Street and the Wheat Sheaf High Street were Twisting in Shops, their Licences are suspended till next Wednesday Morning when I hear that Mr. Farrington intends to give the Landlord of the Wheat Sheaf his Licence. I hope you will write to him to prevent it as it is a notorious Shop for twisting in – it was a worse House than the prince Regents Arms.

I am [etc]
Josh Nadin

Police Office
Octr 11th, 1812

[To: General Acland]

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/2.

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