Monday, 1 October 2012

1st October 1812: Shots fired at Joseph Radcliffe's residence, Milnsbridge House

Milnsbridge House in 1829, a coloured engraving by FR Hay of an original by JP Neale
At midnight on Thursday 1st October 1812, the sentry posted outside the residence of Sir Joseph Radcliffe - Milnsbridge House - heard a shot being fired from somewhere around the house. Suspecting he was being fired upon, the sentry returned fire, but the shooter(s) had stepped back in the darkness of the night and escaped.

In a letter to General Maitland written on the same day, the military commander at Huddersfield, General Acland, commented that the shot was fired from a considerable distance and wasn't sure that it was fired at either the house or the sentry. He also commented that the sentry's return of fire was foolish and unnecessary.

All of this must have piled more stress and shock on Radcliffe himself: he was by now a virtual recluse in his mansion.

Milnsbridge House in 1910

The rear of Milnsbridge House in 2006: image copyright Stanley Walker (Geograph profile)
The front of Milnsbridge House on Dowker Street in 2008: image copyright Betty Longbottom (Geograph profile)

As reported in the Leeds Mercury of 3rd October 1812. Acland's letter can be found at HO 40/2/7.

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