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24th October 1812: The Huddersfield solicitor, John Allison, sends information about various cases to the Home Secretary

My Lord,

By the direction of Mr Radcliffe I have the Honor and pleasure to inclose to your Lordship Copies of various Examinations taken before him relative to the Murder of Mr. Horsfall and the very daring attack made upon Mr. Cartwrights Mill as well as on the premises of some others where shearing Frames were used. The persons named in the margin have already been committed and the commitment of others will of course follow. The case of the Murder will be most completely made out; and I lament that Sowden’s Examination which I have the Honor to inclose was not given sooner, as if that had been the case I think we should have brought the matter home to all the four who were concerned in the Murder. Walker had given his Confession of it at a time when we had no Evidence against him – As such I presume we must take care of him; and I look upon him as of sufficient consequence to be put under the care of some one who is in obedience to your Lordship in your Official Situation and your Lordship will please to notify what you wish to be done with regard to him. In the Interim I will see that he is properly secured.

I remain [etc]
Jno Allison

Huddersfield 24th. Oct. 1812.

[To] Lord Sidmouth &c &c

[Written in margin:

George Mellor }
Wm Thorpe }
Thos Smith } Murder

James Haigh }
Jonathan Dean }
George Rigg }
Mark Hill }
Joseph Thornton } Felony

This letter can be found at HO 42/129.

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