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22nd October 1812: General Acland asks Captain Raynes to provide security for a Banker at Mirfield

Huddersfield, 22d Oct. 1812.


Mr. Wilson, of Mirfield, a banker, is apprehensive that an attack may be made on his house. This was in agitation some time ago; but I do not now think it likely to happen. He wishes to have two men to sleep in his house. This measure I have dissuaded him from, as it strikes me it will be more for his interest not to have them. But if you have no men in Mirfield, send a Serjeant and six to be billeted in the nearest public-houses to Mr. Wilson, who will send whenever an attack is made, and they are instantly to give him every assistance in their power. Arrange this with the bearer, Mr. Aitkin, for it certainly is desireable to avoid sending any men into his house: but, if absolutely necessary, I can no objection to give it where there is so much as stake.

Your’s faithfully.

[To] Capt. Raynes.     


This letter can be found in Raynes (1817, p.117).

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