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15th October 1812: Lieutenant Cooper tells General Acland about a new informer

Elland 15th October 1812


I have the Honor to send you a Man who has given me the following information which appears to me capable of being turn’d to good account. Joshua Gibson declares this 14th day of October that Joseph Hanson of Elland and John Robinson of the same place came to him on 28th of September to Navigation Bridge and the first of them offer’d him five Shillings a day if he would be employ’d by him to do what he wanted and on the Deponent’s enquiring what that was he said to kill who he pleased nothing further pass’d on Joshua Gibson refusing the offer.

I put Gibson in the Guard Room after my conference within hoping he would tell me more this morning but he seems unwilling as what further information he could give would be on Suspicion or hearsay. but I should think we might employ Gibson on the information he has already given to the conviction of Hanson. I therefore send them over to Huddersfield as a Prisoner to avoid Suspicion on the part of the Luddites and on his return, if it meets your approbation, he can give out that he has been before Mr Radcliffe who has bound him over to keep the peace and he could then offer himself to be employ’d by Hanson alledging that he is stimulated by the desire of revenge.

I have question’d the man closely he seems willing to be so employ’d and from what I can learn the man bears an honest character.

I have [etc]
Alf. Cooper Lieut
West Suffolk Militia

[To] M. General Acland,
&c. &c. &c.

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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