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12th November 1812: Concerns are raised about the billeting of troops in the West Riding


There are 16 Soldiers of the Stirling Militia quartered in a small Village, Sowerby — there are only Three Alehouses one has a large Family, but in good Circumstances, his House a very old Building, and very convenient for lodging so many—a Second is kept by a Labouring Man, who has Nothing but what he gets by his own Industry, he was a Husbandman to a Gentleman and got married, his Master lent him Money to buy the Furniture and Fixtures of this House about 3 years ago, his Wife has been to give in her Licence, and must give up the House if all these men are constantly billeted upon them—the other is also in such a Situation as not to be able to carry on with this encrease to their House—There are in the said Township several other Houses, at have a great Return, and can afford to do something—There are 2 Houses very near together at the Triangle in the Turnpike Road leading from Halifax to Rochdale where they will find good Accommodations and these Houses are in the township of Sowerby also, and more convenient in Case of any Disturbance—The Publicans in the Village are very willing to take them by Turns, and will without Objections take the Men again when they have been as long at the Triangle Inn, and at the White Bear contiguous—I wish you wou’d consent to this temporary Change—As the Soldiers came for the Defence of the Country I wish them to have every Comfort possible, and I cou’d wish to have your Consent for this Change

I am
Your most obedient Servant
Joseph Priestley—

one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace
and a Deputy Lieut for the West Riding
of Yorkshire

White Windows Novr. 12th. 1812—

[To: General Acland]

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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