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7th November 1812: Captain Francis Raynes reports that the 'turbulent spirit' of the West Riding 'is greatly abated'

Mills Bridge near Leeds
7th Novr 1812

I have the Honor to enclose a Letter from Clough, and James Robertson which I did not receive till Thursday accounting for their delay in Manchester

Cloth saw Penrick at the time he expected but could learn nothing more than that a man from out of Saddleworth who Clough knows by sight, but not by name, was the person who spoke to Penrick on the Subject of the Mail Coach Robbery, Clough says he can find him out at any time if necessary—I have not given Clough any orders as to his future proceedings, as I wish Sir, to have instructions from you respecting him, his expenses and Robertsons during the last week have been very considerable. Clough seems an intelligent man, and I think may be useful in that Country, where I am afraid they will require watching to keep them in order; some of the thirty eight, who were in Lancaster, are at this time very active in their endeavours to stir up the spirit of disaffection, but there is want of confidence in each other, which I hope will always prevent their efforts becoming of serious consequence.

Captain McDougal has requested me to mention to you Sir, that he finds very little occasion for the Services of Zachariah Derran, the Special Constable, and begs your orders respecting him.

I am happy to have it in my power to state, that a material alteration seems to be taking place amongst the people in the part of the Country where I am now stationed, for the reports made to me, and what I have myself observ’d of the turbulent spirit which so much prevailed on our first arrival, is greatly abated; the Public Houses are become tolerably orderly and the inhabitants in general are more inclined to be civil.

I have the Honor to enclose my account and take the liberty to ask if any allowance can be made me for Forage for my Horse (which I purchased and keep entirely entirely on account of the service I am employ’d upon) and I was informed on being ordered into Cheshire my Party was on the Corps establishment, and that I might claim the Forage, which I have done but have not been able to obtain it through the usual mode

I have [etc]

Francis Raynes Captn
Stirlingshire Militia

Major General Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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