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8th November 1812: Whitehaven Magistrates ask for troops, fearing unrest in the Town

Whitehaven. Novr 8th 1812.

My Lord,

Mr. Pouley a respectable Corn dealer in this Town to whom the enclosed Letter was sent, hath consulted us what would be the best method to adopt for the discovery of the Author.

We were unanimously of opinion, that it would be most prudent to take no notice of it, trusting that the threats contained in it, are made solely with a view of deterring him and others from shipping grain, flour, and potatoes from this Port.

At the same time, we think it would be highly proper and adviseable to have twenty or thirty horse quartered here during the Winter. For the lower orders of the people have already shown a disposition to promote and encourage tumult and riot in consequence of grain and potatoes being shipped.

Should this meet with your Lordship’s approbation, we hope that you will have the goodness to make application to the Secretary of State for whatever number of Cavalry, (or Infantry,) your Lordship may think necessary.

We are [etc]

Tho Hartley

M Kimbley
M. Ponsonby
Jas. Steel
Robt Wilkinson
Richd Armistead —

the Earl of Lonsdale
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/129.

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