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30th November 1812: General Acland informs General Maitland about the Robberies at Deighton & Fartown

Huddersfield 30th November 1812.

My dear Sir,

On my return from Halifax this afternoon it was reported to me that Seven robberies were committed last night at Deighton & the neighbourhood (about two miles from hence) from 2 of the houses about 100£ appears to have been taken, the other five owners have not come in to give any account, but I hear near 70£ were suppos’d to have been taken from one of them

The Gang from report appears to be a new set [unsystemic] & without the organization of those we have hitherto heard of — they have the [illegible] of this country but the persons robbed neither suspect any of their neighbors or know those who came into the houses, which were five in number, & some others remain’d without—

I shall enquire more particularly to-morrow & will inform you if I get any fresh intelligence

All is quiet about Halifax the Stirling got possession of the Barracks this day—

The Barracks here are ready, but the bedding is not come down—

Capt. Mc Dougal writes that everything is going on well about Staley Bridge, & he does not hear that any thing particular is going carrying on among the Luddites at present—

Wroth: P Acland

[To] Lt General
The Rt Honble
T. Maitland

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/8.

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