Wednesday, 7 November 2012

7th November 1812: The Leeds Mercury reports many more Luddites committed to York Castle

The Saturday 7th November 1812 edition of the Leeds Mercury featured a report about the large numbers of Luddites committed to York Castle within the last 7 days:

Charged on the oath of William Hall with assembling on the night of 11th April 1812 and riotously and feloniously attacking Rawfolds Mill:

Charles Cockcroft, George Brook, James Brook and John Brook of Lockwood

Charged with assembling at Marsh on 23rd February 1812 and feloniously entering the workshop of Joseph Hirst and breaking and destroying shearing frames:

Samuel Booth, George Lodge and George Brook, of Dalton

Charged on the oath of William Hall and Joseph Drake with feloniously attacking and beginning to demolish Rawfolds Mill on 11th April 1812:

John Walker, Thomas Brook and Joshua Schofield, all croppers. A day prior to this, John Hirst was similarly committed for the same offence.

The following day, Charles Thornton was committed to York Castle for an arms raid at Wooldale on 1st May 1812.

This information is from the Leeds Mercury of 7th & 14th November 1812 & the Leeds Intelligencer of 16th November 1812.

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