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19th June 1815: John Beckett cautions George Coldham about raiding the home of Gravenor Henson


June 19, 1815.

Dear Sir,

I received yours of [the] 17[th] by this mornings Post together with the Enclosure which I return according to your desire.—

— As far as one can judge from the Paper itself Lord Sidmouth, to whom I have shewn it and your letter – is of opinion with me that the Communication is much to be a friendly one.—You seem however to have taken all the Precautions possible respecting the Arms of the militias that are alluded to and having done so, I hope no very vicious mischief is to be apprehended — Your future operations will depend probably upon what takes place at Leicester of which you will I take for granted be accurately informed.

Upon the material question in your Letter, viz. as to searching Houses—I have as you desired held a Consultation — and it is clearly Opinion here that unless you can lay before a magistrate such Information of a Treasonable nature as will indeed induce him to grant a Search Warrant — it would be unwise to take such a Step — whether your Information will enable you to go that length of course the Secret Committee will be the best judges―

I shall be glad to hear from you if any thing material takes place in the Course of this week or the next.—I own however that I think your precautionary Steps will shew that you are prepared — and that therefore nothing will happen nothing will happen of consequence.—

I am &c

J Beckett

[To] Geo: Coldham Esqr

This letter can be found at HO 42/144.

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