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3rd June 1815: Francis Raynes is concerned that he may be called back into military service

Crawford-Street, Montague Square, 3d June, 1815.


I have this day received a letter (of which I have the honor to enclose a copy,) from Captain and Adjutant Campbell, the object of which I am at a loss to comprehend, and equally so to give an answer, till I be favoured with your Grace’s sentiments thereon. Were the regiment in course of service, or under actual orders to be embodied, I trust I know my duty to your Grace and the service; and that my actions would ever be in strict conformity with that duty, I am to hope your Grace is convinced by my past conduct, which I have very sufficient reason to believe has been such as to insure me the honor of your Grace’s approval.

On the 18th ultimo, I addressed a letter to my Lord Sidmouth, at the same time, enclosing one from the bench of magistrates, acting for the division of Stockport; copies of both I have the honor to transmit to your Grace. Testimonies from Generals Maitland and Acland would be conclusive. Should your Grace think my letter to Lord Sidmouth, bears a feature of petulance it ought not to wear, I trust the length of time, my present state of illness, and the disappointment of hopes long cherished, will have some weight, as an apology in your Grace’s mind, as well as in that of Lord Sidmouth.

If his Lordship conceives I have over-rated my services, in my humble opinion, it would, at least, be in his Lordship’s power to put an end to suspense, by some definitive answer.

If, my Lord, I am yet to be held in the same state of suspense, I shall still have to endure all the taunts of my brother officers, as well as those of my own relations, and I shall be compelled to join your Grace’s regiment, with all the disadvantages which must naturally result from unrequited services, or resort to the ulterior step of resignation. I have the honor to be,

My Lord Duke, most respectfully,
Your Grace’s obedient humble Servant,

Capt. Stirlingshire, &c. Militia.

[To] His Grace the Duke of Montrose, &c. &c.

This is from Raynes (1817, pp.155-157)

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