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10th February 1813: General Acland updates General Maitland about the siutation in the West Riding

Wakefield 10th Feby 1813

My dear Sir

Having daily expected your return, I discontinued writing, having heard from Hamilton, that you had directed your letters not to be forwarded after Friday, however, had any thing occurred worthy of notice, I shd have risked a letter reaching you at Dunbar

It will be satisfactory for you to know that the Country remains perfectly quiet, & there is every appearance of its continuing so — About ten or twelve persons have come in to take the Oath of Allegiance before Mr Scott, but none have appeared before any other magistrate

Lt Cooper informs me six or seven persons have run away from Sowerby near Halifax who were concerned in the late disturbances, some of whom have left the Country thro’ fear, & I have a letter forwarded by Cooper from a man he endeavoured to persuade to go before a magistrate to take the Oath of Allegiance that “he was going to leave the Country, as soon as possible, an attorney whom he consulted, having told him, the pardon only reached such as had been charged with any Offence.”

A meeting of magistrates was held on the 4th Inst., herewith I send you the resolutions they passed.

I did not see Lord Fitzwilliam, being out with the Troops at the time—

Mr Atkinson Bradley Mill near Huddersfield has sent to request the Guard at his mill may be withdrawn (which I have directed to be done

If you meets your approbation, I think it a good time to discontinue the Infantry party at Marsden & also to reduce Lt Coopers detachment to twenty men: by [Sizing] down the parties; in this manner the people will not miss them & their confidence will remain — The small party of Cavalry at Holmfirth may likewise be very well dispensed with — & I should hope by the time you return, you may think of reducing or taking away some of the others altogether

A letter has been forwarded to M. General Dirom, with an application in favor of Coll Maxwell of the 7th Dragoon guards who has been superseded which I have left for your decision on — a ridiculous application has been forwarded, thro’ the same Channel from Colonel Clay asking Leave of Absence for Lord Cawdor for a friend during which he was returned Absent without Leave. Do the regular way was to ask for his pay which was respited being allowed. I have sent an answer as M General Dirom is my Senior, this also remains for your return — All the papers (excepting) about the Inn at Warrington which I acquainted you of, & an application from Coll Seele to try a man of the South Hants by the General Courtmartial assembled at Lancaster, have been attended to & brought up.

I will write whenever anything occurs, worth mentioning, but should you not hear from me, you will conclude everything remains quiet. I sincerely regret the melancholy occasion that detains you at Dunbar & remain

(Signed) W.P. Acland

PS. The 33rd have marched from Hull to Windsor

[To] Lt General
The Right Honl
T. Maitland
Dunbar house

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/9.

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