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23rd February 1813: Nottingham's Town Clerk, George Coldham, has doubts about the suspects in the Samuel Ash shooting

My Lord

By Desire of the Mayor I have the Honour to inclose for your Lordship’s Information the Minutes of the Examination of Thomas Kirke & Thomas Neaps & some other Persons regarding the Charge of firing a Pistol into the House of Samuel Ash on the Morning of the 14th of February Instant. It will I apprehend appear to your Lordship that there is nothing like any distinct Evidence either that Neaps or Kirke actually fired the Pistol & it does not appear from the Enquiries subsequently made by the Magistrates that we are likely to acquire any distinct Information on this part of the law; Thomas Kirke has however virtually assaulted the Constable who apprehended & struck him violently with a view to affect his Escape & upon him at his Dwelling House the Pistol & a Sword is found & he [appears] precisely in appearance the Man who appears to have acted a very leading part in some of the later Attempts to Destroy Frames. The Magistrates are therefore extremely Desirous of knowing what course it would be desireable to pursue with regard to him at the Assizes — & thus hope that your Lordship will have the Goodness to enquire of the Law Officers of the Crown in what way they would advise the Magistrates to shape a Case against him to avoid him being sett at Liberty & to insure if possible some degree of Punishment for the part he has acted in this Business. If any thing further should be made the Magistrates will give Directions that it shall be immediately reported to your Lordship

I have [etc]
Geo Coldham
Town Clerk

23d Febry 1813.

[To] Lord Sidmouth

This letter can be found at HO 42/132.

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