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19th April 1813: 'An Attentive Hearer' sends his final letter to the Leeds Intelligencer

Mr. PRINTER,—The evidence given by the "Diligent Enquirer’s" Authorities, is already verbatim before the public; I hold a letter from one of them, written after an interview with the Diligent Enquirer, speaking as to his knowledge in terms which were not so decisive as I wished. I wanted to have no ambiguity; if the parties were positive, I wished them to say so, if not, they would allow it; this they all did, not one was certain! The person who wrote the letter above alluded to, signed the paragraph stating he was not positive.

The printer has charged me with falsifying the evidence of his authorities, and not giving their own words. I deny the charge; the evidence I have published is true, the very words of his own witnesses; I can at any time prove this. Let the "Printer" prove his assertion, and I will willingly fall in with his proposition this week; of submitting the whole to two impartial persons. There is no need to do this, until my antagonist has proved his point; if I have already stated the case correctly; why trouble any other person to re-publish it?

He says nothing about himself having falsified the evidence of both mine and his authorities; I before charged with this! I repeat it!

Until he proves his assertion; or acknowledges that he has falsely charged me with an untruth; I shall take no notice of his weekly ebullitions, but leave him to that infamy, his repeated falsehoods deserve.

Leeds, April 17, 1813.

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