Wednesday, 24 April 2013

24th April 1813: The Leeds Mercury publishes a final editorial on the row with 'An Attentive Hearer'

An Attentive Hearer has declined the challenge we last week gave him to close the dispute, by submitting the evidence on both sides, fairly and candidly collected by impartial persons, without note or comment, to the tribunal of public opinion. The inference is irresistible. He was conscious that such an appeal would admit of no sophistry or false colouring, and that the preponderance of evidence against him would have been overwhelming. But we shall indulge in no exultation, much less repeat the coarse and virulent language that disgraces his last letter; it is the language of an irritated mind writhing under the pangs of defeat. We have no such feeling to gratify; Truth alone was our object, and having secured its triumph, to the satisfaction of every impartial mind, we quit the ungracious subject for ever.

This is from the Leeds Mercury of 24th April 1813.

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