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12th May 1813: Meeting in Halifax in support of William Cartwright & Joseph Radcliffe


At a numerous and highly respectable Public Meeting of Inhabitants of the Town and Parish of Halifax, called by the Constables of Halifax, to take into Consideration the Services of those Gentleman who so meritoriously exerted themselves during the late Disturbances in the West Riding of the County of York, and held on Wednesday, the 12th of May, 1813, at the White Lion Inn.

JAMES KNIGHT, Esq; Constable of Halifax,
in the Chair;
It was unanimously Resolved,

1st. That this Meeting acknowledges with Gratitude the Wisdom of the Legislature, in granting additional Powers to the Magistrates of the Disturbed Districts; and the paternal Care of H.R.H. the Prince Regent’s Government, in appointing an adequate Military Force in Aid of the Civil Power, and in that judicious tempering of Justice with Mercy at the late Special Commission at York, in admitting to Bail so many Persons implicated in the late Disturbances.

2d. That the Cordial Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Right Honourable Lieutenant General Maitland, Major General Ackland, and their Staffs; and to the Officers and Men of the several Regiments and Detachments of his Majesty's Forces, stationed in this Town and Parish, for their zealous Co-operation with the Civil Power, and their orderly and soldier-like Conduct.

3d. That the Cordial Thanks of this Meeting are given to the Right Honourable Earl Fitzwilliam his Majesty's Lieutenant; Sir Francis Wood, Bart. Vice-Lieutenant; and the Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates of the Riding, for their active and persevering Exertions in preserving and restoring the Public Peace.

4th That the particular Thanks of this Meeting are due to JOSEPH RADCLIFFE Esq; and that the following Address be presented to that Magistrate.

(This address lies at Mr. Edwards’s, Bookseller for the Signature [the] of Gentleman as were prevented attending this Public Meeting)

5th. That the particular Thanks of this Meeting are due to Mr. WILLIAM CARTWRIGHT, of Rawfolds, and that the following Address be presented to him.

(This address lies and Mr. Edwards’s, Bookseller, for Signatures.)

6th. That this Town and Parish will most cordially co-operate with other Towns in the West-Riding, in promoting the Objects of this Meeting, and that the following Gentleman are appointed a Committee for this Purpose, Three of whom shall be a Quorum, with Power to add to their Number, and to form Sub-Committees in different Places of the Parish.


James Knight
John Rawson, Jun.
Constables of Halifax.
William Rawson
John Rhodes
John Waterhouse
Roland Ramsden
Robert Foley, M.D.
Colonel Ramsden
George Pollard
Christopher Saltmarshe
William Norris
Christopher Rawson,
James Thompson
William Bates
John Haigh, Causeway
Samuel Hodgson Jun.
William Wilcock
Stansfeld Rawson
John Thomson, M.D.

Samuel Freeman
W. Barber
J. Walker, Jun.

John Armytage
John Fryer
John Clay

Joseph Rushforth
James Cartledge
John Dyson
John Hirst

Richard Howarth
Rev. Robert Webster
Fenton Lambert
John Richardson

Colonel Moore
W.H. Rawson
George Priestley
John Priestley

Hamlet Bent
Gaml. Sutcliffe
Richard Sutcliffe, Stanshaw Gates

Thomas Milne
Henry Currier
Mr. Tillotson
Jos. Farrer

Thomas Preston
William Greenup
John Dyson
Henry Edwards
Robert Wainhouse
Charles Hudson
John Sutcliffe

James Greenwood
R. Ramsbotham
Mr. Ackroyd, Junior, Brook-house

John Edwards
William Mitchell
Thomas Greenwood
Mr. Hughlings
Thomas Holmes

Wm. Priestley
John Holland
George Armytage

James Rawdon
John Sutcliffe
Mr. Ingham, Shaws

7th. That it is the Duty of this Town and Parish to share the Expences and Losses incurred by Mr. W. Cartwright, in Consequence of the late Disturbances, and that Donations in Aid of this Object be received by the Committee, and that the Banks of Messrs. J.W. and C.Rawson; and of Messrs. Rhodes, Briggs and Garlick.

8th. That it be an Instruction to the Committee now appointed to propose to the Central Committee about to be formed by the Committees of other Towns, that a handsome Compensation be made to Mr. Wm. Cartwright to cover his Expences and Losses, and that the Funds remaining after this Compensation, be secured upon his Family.

9th. That the Cordial Thanks of this Meeting are hereby given to the Patroles, Constables, and Special Constables of the several Townships of this Parish, for their meritorious Services in coming forward for the Preservation of the Peace.


Mr. Knight having left the Chair, and Mr. Ramsden having been called to it;
It was Resolved Unanimously,

10th. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to James Knight and John Rawson, Jun. Esquires, Constables of Halifax, for having appointed this Public Meeting of the Town and Parish, for their Exertions in promoting its Object, and for their Conduct this Day.


This notice was published in the Leeds Intelligencer of 24th May 1813.

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